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Purple Net

Illuminate Your Advertising Monetization Strategy with Radiance Media's Programmatic Solutions.

What Do We Do

With more than a decade of experience in software development and a team of experts devoted to enhancing advertising strategies, Radiance Media is your preferred partner for programmatic advertising.


We offer apps developed in-house, as well as access to inventory from Europe, America, and China, providing a broad array of options for targeting your ideal audience. At present, we are concentrating on developing CTV (Connected TV) products, committed to staying ahead of the curve and offering our clients the most current solutions.

Our Advantages
CTV/OTT, Mobile Apps Development
Europe, America&CN Inventory
UX and Ul Services
Well-Rounded Team
Enterprise Software
The future of video advertising is here!

While CTV audiences in Europe and the US are growing at a rapid pace, CTV engagement is unparalleled.  Audiences are more likely to remember ads shown on CTV than on traditional TV, and they're more likely to take action after seeing an ad.

That's where RADIANCE MEDIA comes in. We specialize in programmatic advertising for CTV, on top of that, we are constantly developing more app products and accessing more inventory from Europe, America, and China. Choose us to engage with your target customers precisely and efficiently!

Our Product

We make it easy to connect with over 500,000 monthly active users on mobile and CTV channels, extending the reach of your brand.

3D Round Ridges
We close the gap between you and your potential customers
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